Reduce the smoothing on Graphs (increase detail/granularity)

When I look at the graph of my account balance over the last week or month, it’s really hard to obtain anything meaningful from looking at it. Sure…it’s a pretty looking graph, but the there is not enough granularity:

I understand there are some limitations for some accounts like investments which do not change on a transaction-by-transaction basis, but it for accounts whose value only changes with transactions (savings, checkings, credit cards), it would be nice to have closer to daily granularity on when looking at weekly, monthly, and multi-month views. Something like this would be nice:


Something like this would be nice (wouldn’t let me post in the original):


Couldnt agree more, or at the least a toggle to decide which we prefer

We are going to use the graph in Emma Invest for Networth.

These are two different components, but we are working to unify them into one. :slight_smile:

Is there an estimate for the merging?

We are a bit stuck on a few things (new save tab, general app improvements, ipad support and later web), but we’ll figure out a way to port this into networth.

Is there a preview of any new features upcoming shortly?

Roadmap: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

We should add the designs for each ticket when we have them. :slight_smile: