Intuitive custom budget category management


I’m getting used to Emma as a new customer but believe the handling of custom categories could be more intuitive.

I had a little struggle trying to delete a custom category created by error. The Analytics - > Budget form allows you to add a custom category but not edit or delete. I had to use Google to find the More - > Emma Pro - > Add Category form. The menu sub-header is also misleading: possibly ‘manage categories’ would be more accurate than ‘add category’?

Additionally, there is a mistake in the instructions I did find: Custom categories
The edit category section mentions removing the category which could be a copy/paste error.


Hey @Willowisp

Thanks for your feedback!

This makes sense! I’ll pass it onto the rest of the team and see what they think :grinning:

And that’s a great spot, thanks! We should be able to get that changed asap :crossed_fingers: