Pocketsmith PFM

Wondering if anyone here has experience using pocketsmith. It seems to be targeted at a different customer, but covers a lot of the same ground as Emma.

Not yet, do you have screenshots to share? :slight_smile:

Only started playing around with it today, so watch this space.

First impression of the browser interface though - cluttered and confusing.

Pricey, and, I assume, US-based with the $ subscriptions.

Screenshots here.

They use Salt Edge for UK and EU customers, but you do have to work through the FAQs to find out. If you sign up in the EU, Salt Edge is enabled automatically. Otherwise, it’s a manual process.

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Wow, looks very expensive. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used PocketSmith for about 18 months and Emma for almost that - PocketSmith is pretty good for going deep into transaction history, and has some quite powerful querying through the web (I actually uploaded about 10 years of bank statements into it to get some insights).

The app isn’t great though - better than web for categorising transactions but the analytics are pretty simplistic.

They’re an Australian company iirc and their UK bank integrations are also pretty poor, especially since UK open banking regulations shut out some of their integrations - last I heard they were working on it, but originally they just crawled using your credentials - I never fancied that so I’ve just used manual uploads periodically.

For me, Emma’s much more useful as a nearly-live spending / budgeting / overview app. PocketSmith is more like a personal accounting service - more fine grained control, better import/export, but less convenient, more expensive and much less good looking :wink:

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What subscription are you on?

I was on Premium on an old plan at $25 per quarter, but now just basic.

Apparently I haven’t used it much since SaltEdge came in last September, so I’d take my review… with a pinch of salt. (Especially since I mistook them for Aussies - they’re NZ! :scream:).

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They started using SaltEdge?

Since this time last year, yep: https://www.pocketsmith.com/news/212-added-salt-edge-bank-feed-integration-for-eu-and-u/

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We were using Saltedge for Amex at the beginning, then went solo (much faster).