Our response to Covid-19

Dear Friends,

I am Edoardo, CEO and co-founder of Emma.

As you know, we are going to live in difficult times in the upcoming weeks and I wanted to give you an update about what we are doing to make Emma safe and secure.

All our employees have been working remotely since Tuesday and will keep doing so for the upcoming months. The team is fully operational and we have no intention to stop.

We, as a company, have been extremely lucky to have recently closed a funding round. This means we are going to be active and operating for the years to come, no matter what. Going bust is not and won’t be an option.

Features will come out normally and will make sure that you will have the tools to make it through this pandemic.

In these times, we need to start thinking about the health of others and our loved ones. We can not and must not put our own interests first.

For this reason, I would like to emphasise a simple message:


Our core mission has always been to improve the financial health of others and that’s why we’ll make sure Emma will be available and accessible to anyone who needs it.

This is the time to start thinking about budgeting, saving money and cancelling any wasteful subscription. That’s why we are not going to go anywhere and we will defeat Covid-19 together.


Edoardo Moreni