Add receipts to pending transactions

I’d like to use Emma as a way of recording my business expenses but in order to do that I need to attach receipts. I’d like to add receipts ASAP to corresponding payments otherwise I’ll lose them. Typically it takes my bank several days to change a payment from pending to fixed - which is longer than I’d like to wait before adding a receipt.

Yes I agree, whilst seeing why pending transactions shouldn’t be given a category, surely they could still have a receipt attached.

I suspect the reason preventing this is exactly the same as has been given in a previous thread on editing pending transactions. Adding a receipt to the pending transaction is essentially editing it.

Yes, we have about 4 threads on this guys. :sob:

The reason why apps don’t do this is that it can’t be done with 100% certainty.

It’s much easier for us to release a debit card and provide real-time than trying to solve this challenge, which will be entirely probabilistic and might lead to errors.

We also don’t have the resources to cope with the support that this would generate “where is my receipt?”, “my data has disappeared!”.

Can you build some sort of optional in-app reminder notification that Pending transactions are now out of pending, ready for review? That would suffice.

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