‘No network’ - uninstalled, lost all data

I have an Emma pro subscription and haven’t been able to use the app for two days. Every time I open the app it says ‘no network’ despite the fact that I’m I’m not having any problems with mobile data or WiFi on any other apps.

Since I couldn’t use the help function on the app I just decided to uninstall Emma and reinstall. Now I have the app back it seems to have remembered I’m a pro subscriber but all my categories and data have been lost. Weirdly, the app is now working but it still says no data…

Is there any way to get my categories back without having to manually do all of this from scratch? And does anyone know a solution to this network issue?


Can you uninstall the app and reinstall it?

Can you message live chat? More->Support->Chat with a Human. :slight_smile:

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@Sophie1 said in her OP that she had done that and that was how the data disappeared.

Is the data stored server-end or on device?

If the latter, then the data would have been uninstalled with the app.

Server side. :slight_smile:

That’s good then :+1: