Emma Pro Not Working for iOS users

Has there been an app
Update overnight? All
Of my manual account data has vanished

Just noticed my accounts been downgraded to a free account even though I’ve paid for premium up until may 2021 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m experiencing precisely the same problem. I’ve sent a help message through the app, but of course now Emma thinks I’m not a paid user (which I am, to August 2021) I don’t get priority support!

Same here I’ve lost all my personal categories overnight and I’ve paid for a years subscription?

Let’s hope the data can be restored, I upgraded specifically for manual accounts, having to put all the data back in will be an absolute waste of time, and will expect a full refund if it can’t be restored.

Was just thinking the same, spent lots of time sorting categories out and will not trust app if I do them again and they go again next month.

Same has happened to me. If it doesn’t get restored, that’ll be hours of my time lost, manually categorising transactions (it’s reverted all of the categorisations I’ve made, going back years). The irony is it thinks I’m not Pro (even though the purchase restored), so not getting priority support.

Same thing here (for myself and a friend). My account lost its pro status and reverted to the free plan, all manual accounts (and transactions ofc) are gone. Edit: custom categories gone too, transactions reverted to all categories.

Emma team, please tell us you haven’t lost any data, otherwise this is going to be pretty bad.

Kicking myself for trusting the platform, investing so much time and not taking regular backups.

We are ware of this issue and working to fix. :slight_smile:

It’s happening to a good chunk of Emma Pro users.

I yo-yoed once from Pro to Free back to Pro. When I upgraded again, Emma restored all my old Pro data, so hopefully nothing is lost

Appears you have a major flaw in your regression testing - either that or a new test is now needed to ensure this does not happen again.

Everything will get restored.

We haven’t lost any data, the system has just terminated some subscriptions.

That’s why nothing shows in the app.

I suspect it’s to do with the Apple outage. Other apps are having similar errors with in app purchases / subscriptions. It’s slightly concerning that Emma has seemingly reverted non Pro changes (like simple category (not custom) edits) though.

Yes, we are investigating this in particular.

Everything should be back in the next couple of hours.

It seems the issue is related to Apple’s outage.

We are bringing Emma Pro back to your apps.

The issue is fixed.

If you are still having a problem, please reach out to live chat in the More tab. :slight_smile: