Change Transactions' Dates

Hello folks,

I just wanted to pop in to ask if this feature would make sense to you.

The app already corrects most of the dates we receive to give you the right information.

However, there are some cases were direct debits or any other type of recurring payments fall on wrong dates. This usually breaks your budgeting and you need to wait for the next month to get back on track with the proper numbers.

I would put this feature in this menu, so you can edit the transaction’s date.

Let me know!


This is a must have feature! it is especially annoying when you are transferring money from one card to another and an outgoing transaction falls into a different cycle than incoming. It’ll also work great for purchase refunds, when you can change the refund transaction date to the original transaction date


I also think this is a must have feature. It would be really helpful! The placement within that menu makes the most sense to me.


Yes, I was checking a few of our competitors, but can’t see anyone who has it. That’s really weird.

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Omg…you nailed it. Just about to write about my concern on new feature request.

This date thing create a lot of problems and breaks the budget. My recent issue,

  1. Monthly insurance payment for 30th of month deducted on 2nd and Emma reminding me for over spending on insurance as now I have 6 insurance transaction instead of 3 every month.
  2. Salary paid early on 31st instead of 3/4, now emma thinks I earns double in one month and don’t have any income in another month.

Please this is a must have feature specially for any budgeting app if the number has to make sense.

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Yes, we are going to build it for sure.

I’d love to see this. I’ve a few subscriptions running through PayPal at the moment and for some reason they always seems to post on a later date than the charge made to my card. I’ve to manually go in an exclude one of these transactions, changing the date might fix this.

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We have started building it. :wink:

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I would find this feature really useful! Would it be possible to also change the transaction date of a split? Some of us pay rent every 3 or 6 months. It would be nice to be able to split the transaction and distribute it across months.


Yes, you will be able to do that. :slight_smile:

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This would be so helpful, especially for recurring payments/subscriptions :+1:

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We have already built it. :stuck_out_tongue:

We just need to ship it.


@edoardomoreni has this been deployed? I can’t seem to find it on Transaction review screen.


it’s at the top center of the transaction screen, just click on a date.

Got it. Thanks! Very useful.

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