New Sim Deals 📱

This just came up on my newsfeed and it reminded me that my current plan ends in Jan.

I’m with Three at the moment and pay £12 for 12GB sim only… Over the last couple of months, I don’t think I’ve even used 1GB of that, so I think I need to be searching for new deals.

Do you tend to go with sim only deals, or contracts? Have you seen any good deals lately I should be looking out for?

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I’ve been with Voxi for more than a year, I think they’ve got amazing deals, I pay £10 for 12 Gb with unlimited social media. And it’s no contract. The voxi drops can be really nice sometimes, I got a protein shake bundle for free a few months back (which is usually £20-£30).

I am with Plusnet and have been paying £6 per month on a rolling contract for a while now.

Here is their current offer, which, if similar available around January, may suit you if your data usage is low.

I use SIM only as I am more than happy to use my Samsung Galaxy S3 until it stops working or properly supported.

I don’t upgrade for the sake of it. False economy to me.

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Have you considered Zevvle? Though I’d start by looking at provider coverage in your area.

It’s twice the cost of my tariff, and more! :man_shrugging:

I am with giffgaff. £8 a mont. :crazy_face:

Ooo this does sound like a good deal - do you know if Whatsapp is included as “social media”?

I’ve never even heard of Zevvle!

Is that who you use?

Barg! How much data do you get with that?

Yes, and it’s been great.

You can get 1GB, unlimited calls and texts and 1 SIM for £10 a month. Sign up with a referral link, and you get a free 1GB too.

Interesting! Is that a free GB every month, or just the first month you join?

It’s 1GB per month for life at the moment

Yeah, whatsapp is included as well!

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1GB for £10 is a really poor deal imo

Unlimited calls works for me!

I get unlimited calls and texts for £6!!!

Plus data?

I think the competition for mobile contracts is so intense, it comes down to differentiation and secondary features. Zevvle has by far the best app I’ve seen for ab MVNO. And the best CS, though things can always change.

Is that extra £48 a year worth it? :joy:

This is such a massive milestone. I work tackling the poverty premium where poor people pay more for goods and services, and this initiative is exactly the type of thing we need to be seeing more of! I’ve never been a massive Vodafone fan, but this is a great move forward.

On the other note, I had a cracking deal with Three after around 13 years with them, then moved to their subsidiary Smarty who I wouldn’t recommend. Now moving probably to O2 as I’ll get a discount through work, making 200GB, unlimited everything else, approx. £12.50 a month. I only ever go SIM only now but will loop in my new iPhone Pro next month or January, depending on when I get it.

Council tax (bottom band covers everything from a bedsit to a four-bed house round me)
Utilities (standing charges are disproportionate for very low usage)
Duty (fixed duty on a bottle of wine means you’re paying far more tax as a share of total cost for a £6 bottle than a £60 bottle)
And on and on

Then out-of-bundle charges…
Giffgaff charges 25p per minute

You can select 1GB and 1SIM with Zevvle for £5 then

Without the unlimited plan, calls and texts between SIMs on the same account are free, otherwise they cost 3p/minute and 3p/message from your cash balance.

For my money, I’d rather go with a provider who’s trying to find the best deal for everyone, even if it’s a little pricier for me personally. It’s the same reason I’m with Zen - no other company can match their approach

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1GB of data.

It works great during lockdown, but if I go somewhere on holiday, it’s game over. ahah

I think they are all the same. On top of that, many providers share the same infrastructure.

At the end of the day, it’s just a game of offers / deals.