Option to add contract length with subscriptions

It would be great if there’s an option to add contract duration for things like Broadband, TV and mobile phones.
Emma could track and see if a contract is coming to end and send a reminder or offer alternatives. (Easy monetisation :grinning:)


Ehehe, I like the :money_mouth_face: part.

Some people were suggesting to integrate with Onedox for this. Do you use it?

I would love this! currently I just use my calendar to remind me but Emma taking care of this would be handy.

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I have always thought my contracts didn’t have an ending date.

Is this the case for phone and energy?

I do use onedox but Emma, in my opinion, shouldn’t go into that much detail like storing all the documents etc… A simple schedule of contracts start and end date or like a count down with notification 30 days before the end date would be enough.

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All contracts have end date you don’t normally get into a contract for lifetime unless you foolishly decide to marry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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We have seen a US competitor allowing people to login with these providers to get docs/dates and anything else (in their premium plan). The basic app is to track bills. I am talking about TrueBill.

I don’t even remember my EDF password. :open_mouth: