New Feature - Name Brainstorm 🧠

Hey Emma Friends :wave:

We want to build a feature that allows you to store money within the Emma app where you can deposit and withdraw as you like but we’re stuck on a name.

A condition is that we can’t use a name that has already been used by another app. Here are our options so far:

  • Savers
  • Envelopes
  • Keeps
  • Growers
  • Safes

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Submit your vote above or share a name you think would work below :point_down:

I’ve chosen envelopes (EMMA-velopes or EMMA-lopes) as the best of the bunch but ideally, you want to be able to visually show something filling up to the target amount. Can the word ‘jar’ really be exclusive to the other app?

Pots? As in pot of gold… Piggies? As in piggy banks :man_shrugging:t4:

I actually use the other app so I’m excited for this.

I think the challenge here is to find something that has not been used before (Vaults, Pots, Spaces, Pockets, Jars).

Yeah, I get you. Tough one :thinking:

What about Stash? Too weedy :smoking:? :rofl:

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aahaha, we can take it into account.

I’m not sure its particularly important to have a unique name. I quite like pots, which is used by multiple apps (e.g. Monzo, Monese, Zopa).

But if you want a unique name, I reckon envelopes is the best of those listed.


What about wallets or purses? That’s where money is usually stored :sunglasses:

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1 wallet, 2 wallets, 3 wallets - this works :slight_smile:

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Wallets seem quite short term, like money in a wallet or purse is for daily spending in my mind, rather than saving.

Of the bunch suggested ‘envelops’ sounds best. With the requirement that the name has to be unique across the industry I think you’re boxing yourself in a bit. Certainly there is something to be said for familiarity, pots, spaces etc work well and we’re chosen for a reason.

Saying that ‘draw’ could be an option, although I don’t think it’s brilliant, but it is something you open and close and store things long term, draw of a register, a teller’s cash draws etc


I think so too :slight_smile:

I thought wallets would be off the table as it’s what’s used for crypto apps

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I kind of feel similarly about envelopes. When I think of envelopes in a personal finance context what comes to mind is weekly/monthly budgeting, rather than anything more long term.

If there’s no interest, you can call it what you like, I won’t use it :joy:

I’m interested. I think it’s nice to see a re-focus back to some additional budgeting functionality which for me, was the whole purpose of adopting the app. I like the idea of being able to ring fence subscriptions for example, into pots and when the money comes out, it comes out of the correct pot based on the merchant. Just one physical bank account but many pots.

There will be interest too.

We are looking at:

  • Unlimited pots
  • Savings rules with auto-save
  • Interest
  • Shared pots with family and friends
  • Goals

The feature will be linked to Invest as well.


I currently use Zopa for dividing my cash savings into pots. One of the things I dislike about it is you can’t automate sending money from your current account to any pot. You first have to send money to a primary pot and then you have to go into the app and manually move money to your other pots. If you could do things better in this regard it would be an incentive for me to consider Emma.

I’d like to be able to send money from my current account directly to any pot, or be able to setup triggered or scheduled transfers from a primary (receiving) pot to other pots.

This is a bit tricky, there are many reasons they do it and one could be to save some cash (the second is just incompetence). :sweat:

Yeah, Hyperjar is the same. It’s because there is only one account number but many pots. So, you would need a virtual account number for each pot.

That said, Emma could achieve this I guess by using a smart rule possibly. Say you send £50 to the account with the reference ‘Amazon’, the smart rule could push it to the right pot based on the transfer reference. Alternatively, it would have to be something like percentages, where money hits the main account and is divided up into the right pots based on the % set by the user. Definitely food for thought :thinking:

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I don’t think this is the case cause if you do an Open Banking transfer, you can always pass a reference.

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Another main reason is that top-ups are expensive, so better to have 1 topup and then internal transfers.