Nationwide Savings Account (Sync Prevention)

It would’ve been nice for Emma to publish information saying that they were no longer continuing to support Nationwide Savings Accounts.

Had to wait approx. 1 month before discovering why my accounts weren’t syncing.


Hi @grant.m, so sorry about this.

Open Banking doesn’t support Savings Accounts anymore.

What is the general situation with open banking and savings accounts (not just Nationwide)?

Is there a point in the future that banks have been told they have to expose savings accounts through open banking or is it totally at their discretion?

It’s really up to the banks and if they want to release Premium APIs. At this point, we just need to accept the fact that we don’t have them. :man_shrugging:

While Emma doesn’t support the Nationwide savings accounts or Mortgage accounts others do - try Money Dashboard - not all through open banking

Yes, but these accounts will need re-authentication to refresh them, so not really ideal.

Emma wasn’t always based on Open Banking, or was it? Didn’t it use some web based authentication? Did all the banks stop supporting that?

Emma decided a while ago to move away from screen scraping and focus on open banking. Open banking is definitely the future, but it’s taking a while to settle down, with each bank playing a slightly different game.

Natwest stopping direct payments in and out of some savings accounts, for example, was a pretty low move to stop them being classed as “open banking” accounts

So the screen scraping is gone for good from Emma?

Pretty much (OB is how their main focus).

Nationwide credit card question. I had some transactions that were appearing in Emma yesterday, but they’ve dissapeared today? They weren’t pending and had hit the account… any ideas?

Screen scraping will be illegal from 14th of March. :slight_smile:

I would say for bad, but yeah, we are not using it any longer.

For this, can you reach out live chat? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this must be the entire industry focus, we have no choice. :slight_smile: