(Most-Wanted 🇺🇸) integrations

Please ask Plaid to add Milliman Benefits. Milliman is used by my employer for employee retirement and investments. Their website is millimanbenefits[.]com

Side note, Milliman worked good with Quicken’s Simplifi. Simplifi was just too simple for me and too weak on the budgeting side.

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It was good to see that Emma has my mortgage company, PennyMac. Not so good for my “Net Worth” - hah!

A very cool integration - but not a bank - would be to use Trulia and/or Zillow, or any of the real estate websites that will estimate the value of real estate. Then my “Net Worth” would be more accurate by having both the value of my home and my mortgage loan. Or even just allow us to add a custom real estate asset and just whatever value we want (not as cool as an automated solution).

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Emma/Plaid works with Ally Bank. Ally’s High Yield Savings accounts (hah, 0.6% interest, a joke these days) has the concept of buckets. It’s still a single account, but it allows one to split the monies up. We use it for “sinking funds” that need to be saved over 6 months or more.

It’d be cool if Plaid could get this info into Emma.

Here are the long-er term savings buckets we have at Ally:


This feature is available with Emma Pro - you can add real estate, vehicles, and any other assets you want! (although an automated solution would also be very cool!)

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One of my accounts has 0.1% interest haha, so useless!

And yeah we do like the idea of being able to see saving buckets in Emma. We’re working on a couple of other features at the moment, but will definitely keep this idea in mind!

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Hi! Thanks for the wonderful app. I love using Emma. I frequently use Splitwise app for sharing expenses with friends. And pay once in a while using Venmo. That means that the expenses never appear as transactions in Emma, instead there will only be an entry of money deducted by Venmo. That is less helpful.

I am wondering, if there is any future plans to integrate Splitwise and Venmo in to the app. Thanks!

(I had posted this in UK integrations thread before by mistake. removed it from there to post it here.)

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Woo love to hear this!

No eta on adding these, but we can definitely keep it in mind for the future!!

This please! I use Public app for trading. If we could integrate it to Emma, that would be really helpful. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @moni :wave:

Thanks for letting us know that you’d like this integration - we’ve got it on our list of missing integrations so will update you on any progress here!


Just wanted to circle back to ask for Digit savings (https://digit.co/) again! It’s one of the most important savings tools I use.

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I asked to the chat people in august 2020, today February 2021, I have not heard anything about them since then. Any other suggestion for this connections?

Hey @alvaroortizs :wave:

Really sorry but we still don’t have an eta for adding this new integration. I’ll update you as soon as I have any info :blush:

Please consider adding Blockfolio to Emma. It would be fantastic for those that invest in cryptocurrencies and want to keep abreast of their investments on the go. Thank you.

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Please add Optum Bank (Health Savings Account) and Vanguard to the list please. This app would be very near perfect if I had those options.

Hey @kimberly :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community!

Thanks for your suggestions - good to know!


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Please add Optum Bank (Health Savings Account) and Vanguard to the list please. This app would be very near perfect if I had those options.

I’ve got Vanguard in my Emma. But I wish Emma/Plaid could support having two different Vanguard logins as I’d like to track not just my Vanguard account by my wife’s Vanguard account. If I recall correctly, Emma/Plaid can’t handle two accounts.

Hey Jason :wave:

I know that if it’s the same account, you can’t add it again but I’m not sure about the same bank, different account. If you message live chat we can look into this in more detail for you :blush:

I may be confusing things, but I was just able to add my Wife’s Vanguard in as well, so now we have two Vanguard accounts in Emma. Woowoo!

If possible would you please add my bank/credit union PSECU - Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union. Thank you

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