(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦) integrations


I was wondering about maybe more credit card unions, such as Servus Credit Union.



I’ve just got back to you via chat for Servus :wink:

For HomeTrust, their credit cards aren’t supported currently but our provider is considering adding support

I’m sure this has been requested-

Hey @Joel /@edoardomoreni - Are you guys also working with Plaid to get WealthSimple Trade supported as well? I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate seeing a true Canadian Robinhood competitor enabled on your platform

Hey @princeharshan, with Wealthsimple, we have a direct relationship. If you connect via Investments, you will use their own API. :wink: I don’t think there is a Trade API yet, but we can definitely check.


Is the integration for PayPal expected to come soon?

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Can we have welath simple trade integration ?

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It seems that Tangerine is not endorsing Emma as they said to me on Twitter.
Any possibilty of changing that ?


Hi, Is Plum on th list of integrations to make?


Does Plum operate in Canada?

Can you add Brim Financial to Emma (MasterCard in Canada)? https://brimfinancial.com/webportal/login

I need to add Rogers Bank (Canada) to get a full picture of my expenses. Please let me know when you plan to start supporting this bank.

Hey @Lakepoint :wave:

I’ve chatted with our provider that makes our Canadian connections and this is what they’ve said regarding Rogers :pensive:

" Unfortunately we have decided that we cannot support Roger’s Bank at this time. It has been a complicated integration to build, and we have decided not to prioritize this bank at this time "

We will let you know if anything changes :crossed_fingers:

It’s been requested here before (as far back as a year ago) but please include TD WebBroker investment account. The data is visible on the main login page for TD Bank, should be a very simple mapping.

Hey @nfang,

I’ll keep you updated on this when I hear back from the inquiry I submitted to our provider :wink:

Mainstreet credit union, there are a number Mainstreet banks listed but none are my bank, Mainstreetcu.ca formerly Sydenham credit union.

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Hey @Asymons

Please can you reach out to our in-app live chat about adding this integration? :blush:

We can then request it from our provider to add this, as integrations in Canada aren’t up to us :crossed_fingers:

KOHO would be another very handy to have integrated. Thanks! :grin:

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Shouldn’t Add my bank to list of options have been merged with Canada instead of USA?

Mainstreet Credit Union are based in Canada.

Just an observation.


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Can you please at Mainstreet Credit Union to the list of bank options? There are a number of main streets listed but none are my bank mainstreetcu.ca here in ontario

Yes, good spot thanks!

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