(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

With 2FA, you need to re-login every time. :frowning:

Although that might be true, the issue could be solved in a more smooth and secure way. For instance when adding my Chase bank account, I would have to verify with a SMS code or a code sent to my email. Having something similar with PayPal would make me relived.

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Why can’t Emma just read the number from the SMS?

That would solve Tesco for me (which I’ve currently disconnected)

Hang on, I have 2FA enabled and PayPal syncs fine for me with no need to re-authenticate each sync…

Did you enable 2FA before or after you connected it with Emma?

Before, I’ve had 2FA on for ages however I’m using the older method of 2FA.

That’s probably why it worked for you and not me then. I disabled 2FA, added PayPal to Emma and then enabled it again. So far it seems to work.

The answer is pretty simple, but I get the misunderstanding.

For the UK, we use the PayPal API, which doesn’t affect the 2FA.

For the US, we use a different provider to connect to PayPal. @BendikHa is using this. :slight_smile:


Aqua credit card

My interpretation of Emma’s plans are that there will be no new integrations until September.

It really depends. We chat with everyone and the easy ones can come anytime.

September is a big deadline for every bank, so Revolut, N26, Tandem + others, they will all available in Emma.

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Three months is a long time in fintech. My fear is that Emma’s lack of recent integrations may put off current users, and runs the risk of them jumping to a platform that satisfy’s most/all of their financial institutions.

You also mentioned that introducing student loans would be an easy enough job, and could even be completed in house. Run a poll on Twitter and ask how many would like to see this integrated and I can guarantee you would have many a favourite/retweet. This would not only blow competitors away, but show the forward thinking initiative that Emma was created to be.

The US launch is exciting and everything, but that’s exciting for the US market and won’t bring current Emma users any benefit.

I completely agree with you and I didn’t mean we are going to wait till September for everything. :slight_smile:

We are constantly talking with all the players and deciding what we should bring next. The community forum is another great place to have a sense of what it’s needed the most.


In terms of the team, our main focus is on the product and has been since day one. The main decision we took when we started was that we wouldn’t build any integration in-house in order to completely focus on the most important thing, product.

The way I see it is that integrations are a nice addition and also a great way to access the product (but are not the product). If you look at other players, like Money Dashboard, whose only focus has been on integrations, you can quickly see why it hasn’t become something used by 1 million people every month.

I would say the challenge is in finding a balance and in the past, we have also made the effort to partner up with other providers to bring more integrations, like in the case of Saltedge.

US wise, I wouldn’t say so; cause Plaid is launching in the UK and they have already offered us access to N26, Revolut and other banks. :wink:


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Coventry building society and john lewis mastercard for me please!


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