(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations


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I would like an integration with Aqua Bank

They give me a subpar lending (high APR) rewards card that I pay off in full monthly (i only use it because of the 0.5% cashback), but it’d be nice to know how much i’ve put on it in Emma (so I can see in reality how much I’m going to have in my Starling account after paying it off!)


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Hey @LordMarvolo

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Unfortunately, this was down to Capital One and we do not currently have an ETA on this. We would recommend getting in touch with them directly :slight_smile:

Sorry for the slow reply, My monzo card now shows me the date I travelled on!

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What’s the likelihood of being able to add Mercedes Benz Finance?

Also a RateSetter IFISA?

Great suggestions, we want to add as many integrations as possible to Emma. I will feedback to the team and in the meantime keep an eye out on the forum for updates :sunglasses:

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HSBC Expat would be great too! It’s the arm of HSBC tailored for expats (they can open and hold accounts for you in pretty much any currency), located in Jersey: https://www.expat.hsbc.com/

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Yolt has this, so there must be a way…

Capital One? Isn’t Aqua part of NewDay LTD, or are they a subsidiary of Capital One?

Doesn’t this require a hefty net deposit of like 50k€/Β£/$ ? It would be great if they could add it though, I agree.

Sorry I didn’t mean to reply about capital one to your message that was for another user :see_no_evil:

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Clydesdale Bank
Creation Credit Cards
Zopa Loans

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Hey @coldmug

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for sharing these with us. I am not going to lie I have not heard of these :thinking:

Clydesdale own B Bank, Virgin Money (newly acquired) and Yorkshire Bank iirc.

Creation do IHG Rewards cards.

Zopa is P2P lending iirc, but that support may be sketchy since you could theoretically invest and take out at once?



A bit obscure sure, but they do exist :slight_smile:

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I might have to yeet an IHG card when my income goes up :thinking: they don’t look too bad

@coldmug you know if there are any foreign fees on it?

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You have a huge bank knowledge haha

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Banking is basically my only hobby so I’d be relatively depressed if I didn’t