(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Really? I hope so. Didn’t see that small print.

In fact, I had to ask…

Thanks for your email dated 27 March 2019 regarding the cash back on your aqua account (postcode ending ***)

Please be advised that you have an aqua Reward card, which gives 0.5% cash back benefit. These rewards get added to your account on the statement that gets generated after the anniversary date. Your next anniversary date will be ***.

I would like to confirm that since *** until *** you have accumulated £*** worth rewards. The rewards that you accumulate over the year get added in multiples of £5.00.

You can view your cash back points on the first page of your monthly statement on the left side next to account summary.

Also, be advised that you can get maximum cash back of £100.00 in a year and balance will be carried forward in next year.

As per your terms and conditions you are no longer eligible for the cash back if you exceed your credit limit or do not make your contractual minimum payment on time or at all.

I hope this has answered your query. However, if you should have any further questions, please contact us through our online Customer Servicing Website.

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An all tab on the accounts page would be nice to see how much I’ve saved overall across all of my accounts/ investments over time.


This is a good idea @Lewis92!

Hi, I can’t use the app until one of the following banks are supported.

  1. Deutsche bank
  2. Comdirect
  3. N26

The ETA about above banks would be very helpful, thanks.

Hey @wdroid

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We do not have exact ETA’s for this but definitely keep an eye out in the forum and don’t forget to introduce yourself here:

thank you, maybe not so exact ETA but something like could happen this year or next?

A functional First Direct :upside_down_face:

we would like this too!

Capital One
Aqua Credit Card



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Welcome to the Community @joshmiles

Great suggestions :raised_hands:

Welcome @bengreenbank

Thanks for sharing your suggestion!

Don’t forget to introduce yourself to everyone : Introduce yourself 👋

I’ve just signed up with Wirex and would love to see support for them.

EDIT: You should also update the post now that you’ve implemented Revolut :smile:

According to TransferWise’s web site, they do now have an API.


Funnily enough I just asked them today on twitter:



Good question. We do make our API available, but when it comes to third party providers, these are things we normally look for specific partnerships. For example, we choose to integrate with Xero for accounting needs. More integration might be available in the future.



I’ve previously suggested an ‘All’ tab too. For me this was primarily because I’d like to have a view where I can see accounts grouped by bank instead of by account type.

But it would also serve the purpose of providing a ‘overall wealth’ page, which I think is essentially what @Lewis92 would like.

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Just amended!

I like the idea of an overall wealth page :eyes:

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