(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

Yes, I have just asked one of our engineers and he said he never used OTP; so that might be the case.

So… we getting it? :eyes:

Ehehe, we can ask Saltedge to check this out and see how big the coverage is. I think it’s still less than 1% on Emma users. :open_mouth:

Hope Marcus is coming soon, my mrs thinks im money laundering money into a hidden pot…

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Yes, we have asked them a few times, but there is no real way to connect.

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The law is European, so they need to comply to PSD2 pretty much.

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So from September you’ll be able to access any bank account in Europe using an API?

Any payment account will need to provide access in a way or in another (current accounts and credit cards).


Or just pay the fines…


It shouldn’t take them anything to open the APIs.

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Is there any update to Revolut? I’d also like to see an integration with TransferWise.


The first should come later this year. We are not sure about the second. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What about Norwegian account? As a international student and person with friends and connection all over the globe, in addition to accounts in the UK and US I’ve quite a few Norwegian accounts and credit cards. I’d love to be able to connect them as well for a broader picture.

It would also be great if I would be able to connect Venmo and PayPal to show my account balance there.

I’d also like to see an integratioin with LΓ₯nekassen (Norwegian State Education Fund) to show my student loan.


I am not sure if our US provider supports Venmo, but we support PayPal already.

I’m happy to see that I was able to pair Emma with PayPal. However, I am less than happy that I had to turn off two factor auth in order to do it, as the provider does not support two factor auth.

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Wish list:

  • Marcus
  • Tandem
  • Student Loan Company
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With 2FA, you need to re-login every time. :frowning:

Although that might be true, the issue could be solved in a more smooth and secure way. For instance when adding my Chase bank account, I would have to verify with a SMS code or a code sent to my email. Having something similar with PayPal would make me relived.

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