Most random purchase in lockdown?

Did anyone find that being in lockdown made them buy some really random things?

What was the most random thing you bought?

I’ll start with a VERY random purchase… my dad bought a tightrope and currently has it tied between two trees in our garden :see_no_evil:

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You dad is cool!

My fiancé was very confused at how excited I was when my toolbox arrived. He did not look impressed.

As for most random… nothing springs to mind unless you count 2 giant (seriously) rolls of bubble wrap in the hopes I will eBay a lot of things… I haven’t.

Cool / very very bored haha

I’m now imagining 2 human-sized rolls of bubble wrap :joy:

And while you’re waiting to eBay everything…

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If I wrapped myself in bubble wrap, I would look like the Emma gummy bear!