Monthly spend by bank account

Would be good to see what I’ve spent in a month on an individual accounts basis. For example how much did I spent on my credit card this month and how much of my savings did I break into.

You can do this in Search.

There is a filter by account and period. :wink:

What we don’t provide is the total, but we are going to add it.


Hi, this seems very similar to feature I am looking for, but would prefer to see the category totals as well rather then per transaction which you would get using the search function. Can use the normal bank app to do that, but with using with the categories in the analysis section, can use the groupings to get a nice picture to help budget plan and also use to transfer money from a bills account to spending or saving account, or maybe make an extra payment to credit card.

On a side note, option add exclude option to categories so could split different transactions to different excluded from analysis categories, so could do bank transfers in one category, credit cards to another and then when viewing analysis by account, option to include the categories previously excluded so could see now much is being transferred or how much is being paid to credit cards. Reverse benefit would be seeing the credit card account and seeing easily how much is paid in each month and how much is taken for interest along with different spending categories.

Mention here as ties back to viewing analysis by account. Think that with future budgeting/bill management of some sort would be a very powerful tool, especially for me

When we add totals to the search function you’ll be able to see this. But like you’ve said you can also use the analytics tab to see past category totals!

Sorry what do you mean here? Do you want the option to be able to exclude whole categories?

Maybe not explaining myself too well as tend to waffle a bit when trying to explain. Essentially what I would like to see is something like the analytics tab, but filter by bank account. This way you could see the analysis of an individual account with sub totals of the categories the transactions are linked to, would help with budgeting to know on a summary level where your money is going and plan how to use your accounts better. I have 2 current accounts so would be great to see this so can plan accounts better and transfer between them.

The issue with that at the moment is the excluded category where you link transactions together from different accounts all into one category like bank transfers and credit card payments which is fine when looking at the whole picture but not so much when looking at an account.

I would like to split the bank transfers and credit card payments into different categories and when looking at the per account analytics would see the 1 half of those linked transactions to see how much went to those types of transactions.

With the category creation/edit, when tried to add a new category, I couldn’t see option to add an exclude from analytics option, could see on a transaction basis but not category. If having that option, could look at splitting bank transfers and credit card payments. Then in the analytics, with the option to show or hide excluded categories would be great. Excluded transactions stay excluded.

Hope that makes sense

Oh I see what you mean - so you have the analytics tab with the option to switch between categories and merchants but then a higher level that lets you see this info but just for certain accounts. And yeah the only way you can currently exclude from analytics is by using the “excluded” category!

Yeah that sound like what I’m looking for.

Separate new thread for the multiple exclude categories? Sorry trying not to go off the original topic, just ties in a bit but my thoughts are to not use exclude at the moment and group in normal categories both of the linked transactions so the balance is 0 for that category in analytics except when a payment is pending on one account.

This is exactly what I’m after. Starling Bank shows my spending categories for each account individually. However I only manage my spending categories in Emma as I like that they’re combined across accounts.

However they are times when I’d like to see my spending on an account by account basis. For example at the end of the month I may dip into my savings account to buy groceries or a takeaway and then maybe I use my credit card for a few larger household purchases.

I’d like to be able to see how much I spent on my credit card and how much I spent using my savings account without manually adding up the totals using the search function.

The workaround I use currently is to hide all of my other accounts (leaving only my savings account or credit card) and then view the spending categories in Analytics.

Just trying to think how this would work with the budgeting bit on the Analytics tab?

I guess if you wanted to view for a specific account we’d have to remove the budget (because you budget across all accounts so it wouldn’t make sense anymore) and then only show your spending?

That’s right. No account budget view required when viewing spending on an account by account basis.

Yeah, budgets are great for total spend across all accounts, but when viewed by account, only spend and future payments/forecasting shown that are linked to that account

How do you do this? I can’t find filter by account and period on the same screen.

Do you sleep at all @edoardomoreni? Thanks! I didn’t know about this search.


Would be good see this “pay period” in search options.

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Ooo yeah like that idea!

Hi all :wave: Just wondering if this got any more attention?

I’m loving the Categories breakdown in Analytics but I’d love to toggle per account (and ignore Budget as discussed). Reason being - I have a current account & credit card setup. I’d love to be able to look at my Credit Card balance in their app then jump to Emma to see for my credit card alone, which Categories did spend go on? However, I want to keep my current account in Emma as it has Bills and a few other items I do care about.

Hope that makes sense!

P.s I used the Search a few times and never realised those icons were clickable to filter :joy: user error/feedback!


Yes, we are launching a new design which should facilitate this.


Amazing! Thanks @edoardomoreni :+1:

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Does the new design have per account analytics?

I can’t find it