Moneyfarm Discussion & Feedback

I have never used it, but we should be able to integrate with them very soon, since they have released a public API. :slight_smile:

It would be great to have some feedback/insights about their platform!

Let us know. :point_down: :point_down:

What would you like to know specifically.

Best account, how it works, what funds can we select and returns you are getting?

I’ve been with Moneyfarm since April 2018. I have an ISA (5.51% performance to date) and a general investment account (8.27% performance to date). When opening the account you select the type of risk you’re prepared to take, cautious, adventurous etc.

Also, I have just messaged them because I’d like them to be included in Emma.

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Yes, we have been chatting about an API for quite sometime now. :slight_smile:

Can you change the type of risk at anytime in Moneyfarm?

I have an ISA and it’s not allowing it but I also have a stock and shares account and indeed it lets you select the level of risk anytime you want.

That’s nice, I have WealthSimple, but I don’t even remember what I selected. :sweat_smile:

Wealthsimple doesn’t allow you to change the risk profile either :rage: I want the highest risk but they put me in ‘Balanced’ :roll_eyes:

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I have actually logged online yesterday and they suggested it to review it after my first year. :slight_smile:

It would be great to have an integration with them. Would the APIs only work on Moneyfarm accounts in the UK or in Italy as well?

They said they were building one and then disappeared for months.

I am not quite sure where they are at to be honest. :slight_smile:

I’ve also had good success with Moneyfarm.

Whats the integration status with the API you mentioned ? When I try to add money farm I still get a request to send a tweet …

I send them an email ( ) anyways.

To be honest there hasn’t been much movement with this.

I’ll post on here though if anything changes with that. Can you also let us know if they email you back with any info? :blush:

I’ve been tinkering with puppeteer ( ), BTW, and found I could download Moneyfarm balances. See pension-scripts/moneyfarm.js at main · plord12/pension-scripts · GitHub .

However, pretty sure you’ll want something more official …

Did any more ever come of this?

They seem to have a page on their website regarding their API integration:


Hey Jim,

we talked to them, but they don’t have an API. :slight_smile:

Fair enough.

They say they have an open-API platform, and they have a webpage in partnership with Fabrick (who I think are a digital ‘Banking-as-a-Service’ company that Moneyfarm have partnered with) that has a ‘Discover API’s’ link:

I’m not familiar with banking API’s; I assume none of this is relevent to Emma?

I think it’s an api to integrate their wealth services and launch a robo-advisor. :slight_smile: