Metro Bank is no longer available

Am I your only Metro customer? I’ve contacted them to report the issue.

Metro accounts for 0.0001% of the connections, so it’s a very small segment, but you are not alone. :wink:

Haha, I’m also a Metro customer and I was connected with Emma until they removed it.


Don’t they already have APIs avaliable? I found this link

No they don’t, but they are building it; so it’s just a matter of time for us. :slight_smile:

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Oh, ok! :slight_smile:

This is what Metro told me…

Hi Hilary, thank you for your patience. We have received a response advising that Metro Bank won’t be providing APIs at this time but our solution provides the same functionality. It’s dependent on the specific third party provider as to how they choose to authenticate their users. Some providers might ask you to log in each time but some might be able to store your details on your behalf so you don’t need to do this.

Seems like I should cancel my subscription to Emma. Its not going to get resolved quickly.

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I’m sure the full API will be coming out shortly. Metro will see customers switch banks if they don’t, so I would think it would be urgent for them.

However, customer service people obviously can’t say this so they are probably trying to blame third party providers like Emma so you don’t think it’s Metro’s fault.

I would wait and see for a bit.

I still don’t understand why people trust untrained customer support. :slight_smile:

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The bank, in order to be compliant, is offering a solution that requires our users to authenticate every time to refresh the data. We have been keeping Tesco Bank available with similar functionality to connect for two years and the result has been that no one used it.

That’s why there is no point in offering what Metro currently has. The bank is building an API which I hope it will be currently available.

I wouldn’t ping their customer support because they, of course, have no idea.

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Metro has now released their new Open Banking connection this week. Will Emma have the new link working soon!? Your app just congratulated me for 12 months of membership, and losing Metro connection was my gift. :wink: Note my girlfriend also uses Metro and Emma. We’d both love to see this back up and running.

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Thanks for the heads up @LiberianEnglish!

We’ll take a look at integrating it back into Emma

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Hi @LiberianEnglish and welcome to the community!

I’d like to give everyone an update on this topic.

Sadly, the information we have received from Metro Bank is actually that they’ve withdrawn all plans to release an Open Banking API.

They have released an alternative solution, the minimum they could do to be compliant with the PSD2 regulations, which is called “modified customer interface” (MCI).

We have no plans to integrate with this channel because it is no different to a screen-scraper:

  • unreliable, any minor change from the bank to the style of the page can result in your account not syncing or showing incorrect balance/transactional data;
  • less secure than API: you need to provide us with your online banking credentials;
  • slow to connect and request data from;
  • it takes way longer to build the integration and, because of the sudden changes that the bank could apply any time, we would also need to spend time fixing it with no notice;
  • automatic bank account refreshes are impossible: it would require you to be present and receive a one-time code, usually via sms, every time you want to sync data with Emma (to be fair, some banks are removing this limitation, not sure about Metro yet).

Metro Bank until a few weeks ago had plans to release their API but then, perhaps for some cost-cutting decision, decided to make their worse/temporary alternative the definitive long-term solution.

Not happening anymore:


Disappointing of Metro but the update is appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:

:sneezing_face: :sleepy: :cry: :sob:

Okay. Well what do I do now, since I have more than 12 months of budgeting data in Emma? Presumably I’ll need to take the data out of Emma and use it somewhere else?

Can you help with that?

Hey @LiberianEnglish

If you have Emma Pro, you can use the export data feature to export your data to a CSV file via email :slight_smile:

I don’t get this.

The FAQ in the picture says the MCI is meant to be superseded by their API services, and the two will coexist for a time until presumably it’s the MCI that will be deprecated not the API services. The API is available at

How is that interpreted as Metro having decided to make the temporary alternative the definitive long-term solution?

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Hi @lucianf. That FAQ page is simply outdated. It’s what they wanted to do, until they’ve changed their minds

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Thanks @antonio. It’s sad but I guess makes sense given the state of their business.

In case anyone is concerned I found this semi-official evidence of what Antonio unfortunately confirmed.

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