Metro Bank Integration

Metro Bank have a variety of savings, credit and current accounts. Currently no other app supports them.

They support Open Banking and you can find their API here:

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Hi @danjameswalker,

Unfortunately, Metro don’t offer a proper API, only a “modified customer interface” (MCI) which isn’t the same thing. This allows them to say that they are Open Banking “compliant” even though they don’t have an API.

For more information on this, see this post.

I’m sure Emma will quickly integrate Metro support again if they do launch a real API. It’s the same story for Co-operative Bank.

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Switched my current account last night.

Seems like after 8 years of loving Metro Bank it’s time to cut them loose completely. They were meant to be forward thinkers oh well
Snooze you lose

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Their branch opening hours (including Sunday) are still innovative but little else about them is unique nowadays.

I still keep an account with them, but I also have accounts with lots of other banks.

They have recently added support for card notifications, which I was pleasantly surprised to see.

Everything is so digital these days I can’t actually remember the last time I went into a branch haha?

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Good point, I haven’t used one since before Covid!

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Could you please integrate metro bank. Not sure why a lot of apps don’t have them.

In dire need of budgeting so I can finally adult.

Thanks in advance!

Hey @Mkay4 :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community!

I’ve just added your comment into this existing thread about a Metro Bank integration. @Seb has explained above why we don’t currently have an integration with them :blush:

haha you’re not a real adult until you’ve joined a forum to talk about budgeting :joy:

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I can’t understand why banks are taking a lacks attitude towards open banking and integration into products like Emma.

Is this Metro bank or their lazy dev? :thinking:

It’s a shame really because they are the first bank that is high street based that has instant notifications of spending that I know of.

Maybe before the end of 2022, Metro bank will change from an MCI to a true Open Banking API. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


HSBC do as well, it’s becoming a standard feature now. Hopefully all banks will support it soon.

It’s looking hopeful that they will have to, as the regulator may force them into it.