Manual Account Graphic

We’re talking manual accounts, right?

I added some euro bank accounts manually because Emma didn’t support them and that graphic is still set as “$”. Granted it was a while ago now but I’m pretty sure I selected that $ symbol from a bunch of options because you didn’t have a € symbol. There is no option for me now to edit this symbol other than to add a Twitter handle.

How about a workaround… :wink:


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Twitter search:


We never supported this option. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is live on iOS now - coming on android later today.

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Missing icons from investment tab:

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What do you mean? :slight_smile:

@edoardomoreni @grant.m I can see what he means , it already is under the coin base tab , maybe change the crypto sub wallets to the logo of the cryptocurrency which he owns instead of repeating the coin base logo :wink:

We do it, I guess we are missing the icons for some of the more recent coins. I’ll look into updating our library of images


Any chance you can do that with monzo pots ?

Do they come in different currencies?

No they don’t, what I mean is when you create a pot it has an image, when Emma picks up the pot it has the name of the pot and the Monzo logo, would be good if we could have our pot images instead as It would make it more personal :slight_smile:

I’m not sure they pass the image to us, I need to check. But even if they do, those images are rectangular high resolution pictures, which would get seriously distorted and not look as good if we tried to fit them into that small 30x30 square

As a work around could we just upload our own or equivalent directly through Emma, similar fashion to the custom categories except instead of Emoji, uploading our own image or a twitter handle ?

Thanks buddy!

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Hmmm. Ok. Well i just did a manual account add test and the logo/graphic for a Euro account is defaulting to “$” symbol. I had no choice.

Weirdly, this screen does not appear for me. It goes straight into the add Twitter handle screen when I select “update logo” from that drawer; I’ve no other option.

I’m on iOS. I had the latest version of the app when I originally posted about this. But I see you’ve had a new release since so I’ll update and try again.

Can you reach out to live chat?

US users should see $, UK see £.