Life Insurance - Any experiences?

Hey everyone, I’m looking to purchase life insurance and wonder if anyone has had a particularly great experience doing so?

I’m quite provider agnostic on the whole, looking for around £500,000 to cover 2 people for around 30 years each.

The annoying thing when trying to look at the cost is that the premiums are linked to inflation but have a minimum base rise.

I have or had cover previously (it’s complicated) where premiums were paid with a high up front cost and a much lower regular premium, which I prefer.

FYI: I would prefer to avoid using a broker.

Hey @jase :wave:

I’ve never bought life insurance before, but I remember @Pa.ul and @slewis saying they had? Can you guys help out?

Also, have you looked at the compare life insurance section on Emma? :bear:

Never for that sort of cover!

Mine was a decreasing term life assurance that covered the mortgage. Cancelled when I paid it off early.

Had life insurance through work, while working. That policy finished when I left work.

Now just have one policy for £10,000 SI at £5pm

Not really much help. Sorry.

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Appreciate it all the same @Pa.ul

I have also looked at slightly less cover but hadn’t looked at decreasing term cover.

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