Vitality Health Feedback

I am thinking of getting this insurance since it comes with a discounted Apple Watch + Virgin Active subscription. There are loads of ads in the tube (London) and was wondering if anyone had bought this before? :slight_smile:

I’ve joined :grin:, use my link to get a £50 Amazon or John Lewis gift card

The real question is, do I want to pay £50 a month for something I can get for free on the NHS (not the Apple Watch)?

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Do you have a private ambulance? :speak_no_evil:

Do I need one? :eyes:

I have had the insurance and also the life insurance and they are very good in my opinion.

Speaking with brokers they are equivalent of many of the others in terms of medical support, but at a competitive price, with plenty of benefits - free cinema tickets, discounts on ocado, discounted/free apple watch etc

A great summary of the horrors of profit driven excessive consumption

What do you mean? The theory is, if you are healthier than you are less likely to claim on health issues so the benefits I referred to above, require a level of exercise or activity to obtain. Seems like win-win and frankly otherwise it’s money in the bin every month unless you have a claim (which you hope you don’t) so it’s nice to get some free stuff

I was chatting with a doctor and she told me I can get the same stuff via NHS. :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

But of course you can! You don’t need to fly business-class when you can fly economy or have a 4 star hotel instead of 3 or whatever, but if you want a faster more-convenient service on some of the NHS-provided benefits, then that is what private medical services offer.

My mother-in-law needed a knee-replacement, did it privately and it was booked in and sorted in weeks. She needed the second one a while later and didn’t have private healthcare, so she was placed on a waiting list, still waiting 6 months later.

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Even the benefits, however, require me to spend more money to redeem. My quote was £50 per month and then they want me to spend more money to somehow get value from it. Basically, I would just want them to give me back my money - that’d be my incentive to join :nerd_face:

In the UK, I don’t know how valuable health insurance is if you’re young and healthy. If you’re older, different story.

Depends on the problem I suppose, something needing physio (for example) it’s convenient to be able to book at a day and time that’s convenient, plus a location that’s local to you.

I’m young-ish (late 30’s) and my friends have used private medical insurance for varying issues, as unfortunately people hurt their backs or have had stomach issues or whatever and having it sorted quickly and efficiently, was very positive for them. It would have been done via the NHS, just months later and it’s what value you assign to that.

Yup, totally agree.

Yes, but it’d cost me £600 a year. If I started having issues in 10 years say then I would’ve paid £6000 already for essentially nothing. You can never be sure but I just don’t see enough value to warrant spending £50 a month :bike: