Joint Accounts?

Is it on the roadmap? Or de-prioritised?

There are a number of features in our head and here ((Most-Wanted) Features) that we try to prioritise as we move on. :slight_smile:

We don’t have a proper roadmap because things change fast - it’s more like a 6 weeks view. At this point, we have put it on pause cause we are focusing on 1) COVID 2) features with bigger impact on the entire user base.

Same comment here as the integrations thread:

Anecdotally this feature would appeal to the 30+ demographic, rather than another gamefication feature (ie. a demographic more likely to spend money on an Emma subscription ;))

/cc @edoardomoreni


As an aside, that recommendation in your FAQ to share your phone number & MFA token with your wife/partner is not exactly good security practice, something you might want to keep in mind as an AISP.

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Hey @mwjackson thanks for your feedback. We’ll let you know if we make any progress with the joint accounts! :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

we are working on a feature called “Spaces”.

This will allow you to have basically multiple Emma accounts and decide which bank accounts to put in each one of them.

In the case fo Joint Accounts, you could put them in Space 2 and have all your personal accounts in Space 1. In this way, you could see all your balances/analytics without the joint account getting involved.

I was wondering if this would solve the use case entirely?


I was wondering if doing it this was would the lifetime pro membership have 2 different logins? How would this work on my partners device?

Yeah, who would be responsible for setting up the connection and updating it?

Would both users be able to edit categories etc?

So many questions!

Could you create a manual account in the shared space?

It would be just like having 2 instagram accounts on 1 device. You can swap through a multi layer system and even share a layer with another person.

A bit like shared vaults/collections in password managers? e.g.,

But instead of passwords, each shared space would contain bank accounts?


so you can have a “Personal”, “Business”, “Joint” space all with their own analytics, budgeting, accounts.


Are you envisaging an “all spaces” combined view as well?

Don’t know if I’d find a combined view useful. Just curious.

Yes, of course.

You have a default “All”, then as many as you want.

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But will they have their own login on their device? And it seems like they will be able to add and edit things in that space? Correct? And also their login to emma is included in my pro subscription?


it would be a family plan, so they can login with whatever and see the space shared + have all the premium features as well.

So I have a lifetime pro plan. Will I need to pay for her too? Just confirming

Nope. :slight_smile:

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I think this sounds pretty good and what I would like out of this feature. Just to check I’m understanding:

  • I’d be able to flip between [A] (my individual accounts) / [B] (joint accounts) / [A] + [B]
  • Similarly my wife would be able to see [C] (her individual accounts) / [B] / [C] + [B]
  • [B] accounts would be jointly administered between our Emma accounts and they would show all the same analytics etc?

I think some people would want the ability to only include a proportion of their joint accounts - e.g. another view which is [A] + 50% * [B], probably with the ability to change the %. I don’t feel strongly about that though and would be very happy with the rest.

Yeah, I’d like to know if this is even possible with the current authentication. Can Emma somehow see that two different sets of credentials are for the same account, then just update the one joint account?


so you have a multi layer system and can share a layer with 1 person.

In this way, we avoid the percentage splitting and all the other solutions that don’t make much sense.