IOS 16 Widgets Integration

With the release of IOS 16 it would be great if emma could look to develop lock screen widgets as well as app widgets for the newest bersion of software if i can see information at a glance i am far more productive than having to open emma


+1 for this

An at a glance percentage of budget spent would be nice.

There are hundreds of widgets i could think off straight away, that I think would be really useful just waiting for the intgeration

Do you have any to show here?

Unfortunately not Im not a graphic designer however conceptually I think anything on the feed page could be ported to a widget. Picking a chart e.g net worth to have thats other options, showing last 3 transactions another widget. Etc etc some really useful stuff and im sure your teams could think of many more ideas

I meant anything you liked from other apps :stuck_out_tongue:

Investment example


These two would be great for starters:

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This is quite cool. :slight_smile:

Would be good to also have one of the above widgets for committed spending.

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Something like this for networth or the other charts would be cool i think. Live everyday, savings etc

@edoardomoreni would there be any possibility to add the option of syncing automatically hourly, I think with a rampant spending day maybe 4 hours is a little long… specially if we were given a hypothetic “at a glance” widget.

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This is not allowed by the regulations.

We can sync 4 times a day, but you can sync anytime if you force it.

Does that mean you could possibly implement a manual force sync switch on the widget ?

This we can.

I thought you meant automatic.