Investments P&L graph

I think there should be a second graph in investments that shows the PnL instead of the sum. It’s no good to see in an investments chart that it’s always going up due to the fact that you add funds. I may be investing 1000 every month but losing 900 - the chart will show a positive trend

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Does your investment connected account not adapt its balance accordingly?

It does but that’s not what I’m asking here.
I deposit 1000. My investment automatically adjusts it to 100 because I had 900 loss in my investment. Then I deposit another 1000. My balance is 1100 and the chart shows incline from 1000 to 1100 which is not reflecting my PnL. I would like a graph that removes the deposits and only keeps the adjustments.
In this case it would show 0 and then -900