Implement an income tax overview

When people get their paycheck the tax is already detucted from their paycheck automatically by the employee and given to the Tax Bureau. It would be great if there was to mark a incoming transaction as ‘Salary’ and say there was XX% tax taken of this paycheck. Then at the end of the year, you’d have a view of how much you’ve earned and how much money you’ve payed in taxes. Then when the time comes to either pay the remaning tax or you get money back, this ammount could either add or subtract from the total tax ammount for the year.

If Emma would allow users to input how many percentage they pay in tax, this could be calcuclated more or less automatically. This is since most people in Norway pay a tax percentange depending on how much they earn. Ex: If you earn more than 500K a year, I think you pay 50%.

I’d love to see this feature. If Emma chooses to implement it, they could also create a ‘Tax’ category where all the different taxes you pay can be added.

This would definitely work well for freelancers although I never calculate tax because it is just taken from my paycheck and I don’t really think about it!

Would be cool to see how much student loan I have paid though… I worked out that I had been paying so much interest on my student loan that I have barely paid any of it back in the last 5 years haha

Shouldn’t they add this anyways for something like road tax? TV license etc

It would be nice if Emma could have some banging SLC integration so I could see my money being eaten away before I get it :slight_smile: for the next 30 years :upside_down_face:

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I don’t know why you are so worried about your Student loan lol, I didn’t start thinking about it till now haha

It makes moving country a lot harder as you have to report to the SLC every time you leave the country for more than 3 months and then it complicates it because they can’t garnish foreign wages

Yeah to be fair my friend went travelling for 9 month and SLC were chasing her for payments. She had to send them screenshots of everything to prove she was abroad. I said she should have just sent them pictures of her on a beach somewhere!

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