IKEA to buy back your old furniture

The Buy Back scheme is going to launch in IKEA stores across the UK on the 27th of November (also Black Friday).

Customers will receive vouchers for their old IKEA items, in return for vouchers that they can spend in-store. Depending on the quality of goods, you can get between 50% and 30% of the original price paid.

What do you think about this scheme? Could you see yourself returning any of your unwanted goods?

Great scheme, however, I find that my IKEA furniture is well made and likely to last a while, thus no need to return for vouchers :man_shrugging::smile:

And imagine the hassle trying to transport it back, even if dis-assembling it yourself and trying not to lose any pieces :rofl:

They only accept fully assembled items too, so unless you have a large car/ van there isn’t too much you can realistically return :sweat_smile:

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GumTree or eBay seems the better option then.

Buyer collects :smile:

That said, I would not get any of my assembled Ikea products through the doorway :man_shrugging:

This, for example, . . . .