Black Friday 2021

Black Friday is on 26 November 2021. It’s one of the biggest shopping days in the UK and it will surely cause a rush of shoppers to both online and high-street stores offering huge deals and one-off offers :shopping:
This weekend, most stores already began offering a variety of offers for the Black Friday sale.

In fact, Brits plan to spend an estimated £4.8 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases this year, according to the latest research. :crazy_face: (Source:

How much do you plan to spend? :thinking:

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I’m looking for an ultra wide monitor as I missed out last year. Also, the fiancé wants a new TV after we found ourselves admiring a few in John Lewis last weekend. I want to set a limit but I also want good quality so I’m hoping I can keep it under £4,000 but I’m not even sure if that’s around the right amount or if I am off the mark.

PS: To be clear, the TV isn’t really needed so I should instead try to stop myself.

It’s good that the list isn’t big :sweat_smile: Sometimes there can really be good discounts on things that are needed.

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