Different Types Of Savings Accounts

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Yesterday we published another big guide on the Emma blog - this time we’re talking about the different types of savings accounts :point_right: https://bit.ly/2RY0YOw

We look at:

  • Cash ISAs
  • Easy Access Savings Accounts
  • Notice Savings Accounts
  • Regular Savers
  • Fixed-Rate Bond Accounts
  • And Tax-Free Help To Save Accounts

I personally like to keep my savings in a mixture of accounts, each with a different savings goal in mind. How do you guys manage your savings?

Maximise Lisa, Maximise ISA, the rest is a mixture of high interest savings and I keep a month of income in my non-interest paying savings pot with Monzo for emergencies.

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Saving for short term needs at low interest rates when you’ve got long term debt like a mortgage at higher interest rates is paying the bank for the privilege of lending to yourself.

I try to put as much as possible in an ISA account when I can and to avoid dipping into it I draw instead on my credit card (very short term) or the credit in my offset mortgage (medium term). Which means I have no need for other savings products.

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And Premium Bonds.

Only debt I carry is on a 0% purchases credit card, and the money to pay that off is in a Fixed Rate account :smile:

In April 2021, I shall open a S&S ISA with a lump sum and then leave it alone for ten years or so.

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Love hearing how everyone manages their savings slightly differently!

We’ve now also published a guide to the different types of savings accounts in the US.

I wasn’t aware prior to this that they have much stricter regulations around how many times a month you can withdraw from your account!

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The Coventry Double Saver allows two per year :scream:

Well, without penalty interest anyway :smile:

I kinda like the idea of only being able to withdraw twice a year! Would mean that you really thought about taking the money out, rather than dipping into your savings for unnecessary items?

I agree, to a point, however, I would have to be really clear with myself as to what savings I am storing in that account as, realistically, you are limiting yourself to two pots / jars / spaces.

Anything I am unlikely to touch would be geared towards a Fixed Rate Saver, if any competitive exist by the time I have a sum to save :joy:

Atom bank offering 1.18% for a 1 year fixed rate and that’s about the most competitive we’re going to get :joy:

Gatehouse Bank are offering an expected profit rate of 1.26%, though I have never saved with a sharia bank before.

My Metro 1.80% fixed rate matures in November.

It is that sum I shall be seeking a home for :thinking:

In rates’ down and downs, November is too far away for the likelihood of even 1.18% with Atom imo