How to manage not fixed date expenses budget

I have some of the expenses which are common and regular but not fixed in date. There are two example for now. One my taxes which I need to pay in quarterly instalments, making monthly budget for that is kind of useless as some months it’s shows I am over budget and some shows I have balance.

Second issue is end of the month dates expenses getting posted to account in next month because of weekend or so. That creates a mess and again it’s shows the wrong budget data because of this.

Is there any existing solution? Or Emma team working on anything to resolve this issues.


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In terms of quarterly bills there is not really an answer to this at the moment. @BendikHa @Hans @Gaoler @grant.m do any of you have this issue and how do you get around it?

With expenses, it’s difficult as well because the date of the transaction is taken from your banks :confused:

I will feedback to the team your feedback in regards to both these points though!

I don’t have any quarterly bills, except for a few subscriptions, but that’s something else. However, what I’ve heard people do is a get a interest free credit card and use that for these situations. That way, they can pay it monthly.

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Hi @nilsej!

It is really going to depend on how exactly you are paid and handle your tax, so may need a very different solution from person to person.

I have a savings account for my tax money. Transfers into the savings account, I categorise as a bill in Emma and then budget that way.

You can set the savings account as a hidden account too. Then exclude the transactions individually from analytics when you actually pay your tax.

Of course, that’s not so useful if you don’t want to set aside money every month…

I think there should definitely be some way to move a transaction to the previous month…

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I have used other apps for budget and they just allow a simple Function in the app where we can carry forward the unused balance of the budget which is kind of distribute the quarterly or any other term expenses equally in months.

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There are definitely a few features Emma could introduce to do this…

Hey this is a great suggestion, can you please add it to: (Most-Wanted) Features

That would be great for loads of things!

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I also manage my tax money in saving account every month and pay quarterly from that. The workaround you provided is a good way of handling for now. Thanks.



It sounds convoluted, but works fine once you’ve had a go at it in the app

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The only issue I see is saving in every month is not always actual, you might have surplus or balance at the end of quarter and year end and it defeats the purpose of of automation in app.

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It’s definitely a workaround rather than a solution.

Ultimately, I think we need annual and multi month budget items - which I’m sure Emma are already thinking about… :slight_smile:

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