Help needed! Uninstalled App in error, and now can't get back in!

Help please! I uninstalled the app from my phone in error, and now when I’m trying to set it up again it won’t accept the security numbers that come by sms so I can’t get logged back in. Can’t find any numbers to ring or anything to help me.


what error are you seeing?

It might be the numbers were wrongly inputted a few times, so the app is preventing you from accessing it. I’d give it 10mins and try again.

Sorted it, for some reason the first 2 times I put the numbers in it said they were wrong, and then when I tried after that it said something about not being able to send SMS. However, waited an hour and tried again and now it’s logged in fine, my data is all there (I was panicking it would all be lost and I’d have to start again), and I’m happy again. Thank you for your assistance.

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No problem. :slight_smile: