Can’t login to new phone

Hey, I can’t access the in-app chat as I can’t login. New phone setup day after it has been sat in the box for over a month.

Code is received and input but never advances the login. I also tried clicking “Call Me” after the timeout but no call, no code.

I am not using the SIM currently but can’t see why they would cause the error, I’m still inputting the correct code. Any ideas?

iPhone 12 Pro and app version 3.3.4

image removed as it contained my phone number doh!

Well this is awkward… posted that and force closed the app. Opened it and it asked me to connect a bank account. I connected Monzo and then it let me in full access to my Emma account.

That really didn’t flow well but I am in now anyway so this can be closed.

Hey @jase :wave:

Sorry I’ve just seen your message - glad you managed to get in working in the end!

I’ll close this thread now :blush: