Have you heard of Zelf?

I’ve just come across this Latvian startup called Zelf - they’re basically bringing banking to messaging apps like Whatsapp.

From what I can tell they don’t have an app, or a bank, all you do is text Zelf the amount of money you want to send to someone, their contact details and then a chatbot will send the rest of the money

Would be cool to get your thoughts on this? Reckon it’ll be a success?

No, I haven’t heard of it.

I don’t see any advantage to it over using my bank’s transfer service. Am I missing something?

@jase speaking of increasingly wild colours :joy:

@Mxchris From what I can tell, you open an account, and then all the communication and info is sent to you through Whatsapp/ Facebook.

If you’re a big user of Whatsapp already, then it makes sense to be able to also manage your money without leaving your fave app? Also, say if your friend messages you and reminds you that you owe them £5, you wouldn’t even need to leave the app to send them the money?

Only possible downside I can see at the moment is that you have to top the card up with money, but you then can’t take it out again (can only spend/ send it)?