Has Emma stopped reading Monzo transaction notes?

Not sure if I’m imagining this but I think there was a time in the past when Emma read notes added to Monzo transactions in Monzo app and applied these to Emma transaction notes, as long as notes were added in Monzo before the first sync after the transaction.

This no longer seems to be happening.

Has something changed or am I mistaken in my recollection of previous behaviour?

If I remember this correctly, the notes are not sent to us by their new API. The old interface certainly had them.

Why not writing your notes on Emma first :wink:

It’s a shame the new API doesn’t send them.
Do you recall if Starling and Revolut send them?

Basically because the transaction is available in Monzo immediately (as opppose to sometimes several hours later in Emma). At the time of the transaction is when I’m most likely to want to make a note.

I’ve also noticed that the old Amex API gave me the available to spend amount, but doesn’t any more. I wonder if there’s a quick hack to add the credit limit for a credit card, then estimate the available to spend from the balance returned by the API and the pending transactions…

Admittedly not a vital feature, but certainly neat. It might be more generally beneficial to be able to add the credit limit manually and get warnings e.g. closer to the limit (80% 90% 95%).

We don’t know the credit limit either :roll_eyes:

No, but I do!