Hands Free Driving

Does this make anyone else feel really nervous haha? :laughing:

Used to see this on the M42 regularly.

:coffee: in one hand and :iphone: in the other.

Steering with :leg:



How’s this for a headline haha

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If she did it every day, would that make her a cereal offender? :thinking:

Sorry, not sorry :grin:

You are cereal-ously killing me with these puns :joy::joy:

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:joy: :rofl: :raised_hands:



If cars become self driving why not! The tech in cars nowadays just as or more distracting than a mobile phone.

Guess it’s just one of those things that will feel super weird, to begin with, and then just become the norm!

If you had the opportunity to test out a self-driving car now, would you give it a go? @RickySerhant

Yes but my seat belt would be on and my foot would be covering the brake pedal! How about you @rebekah ?