Going Waste Free

Hey all you snazzy Emma Community people :wave:

I need your help. I’ve been trying to reduce my waste as of late and have made some good progress. I’ve managed to cut packaging from

  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Pasta
  • Laundry stuff

Crowdsourcing ideas to get rid of waste for the trickier stuff like

  • Toothpaste
  • Food on the go
  • Dairy - went to local butcher/cheese shop and it was daylight robbery - astronomically expensive. Any cheaper solutions would be awesome

Does anyone know of any stores that aren’t super expensive that are waste-free? Any tips, tricks or ideas would be great

You can get a trial for toothpaste tablets here: Reco Toothtabs - 31 Day Trial Subscription - Cancel Anytime

Other places are a little cheaper for larger quantities, but I haven’t seen anyone else do a small amount like this to try.

@Joel - For food on the go, you’d be surprised at how accommodating places are. My local lunch place near the office will use my reusable box instead of their coated cardboard. I have also taken a waxed wrap to a burger place and had my burger in that although it can sweat so open and eat quickly.

Also, if you buy things like toothpaste in a jar or the tablets, you’d be able to give the empty jars away on Olio to those who use them for other things. I saw one company wrap their tablets in paper wrapping but can’t remember whom.

Finally, buy a spork. It was my best thing for lunchtime. Even though we have Vegware in the office, I prefer the metal spork to completely reduce waste. Sadly I left it in my backpack and was flying a lot so had to throw it in the secure bin at the airport :frowning:

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Saw the below on Treeapp and will give it a go myself (I don’t like the powdered tablets personally). Happy to share the discount code but won’t post it publicly as it seems unfair.

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Do you have a reusable water bottle? I take my Chilly bottle with me everywhere!

They also have these cute food tubs that keep food hot/ cold for 6 hours that could be good for food on the go?


Good shout - I’ve ordered some. I’ll review back here with my review in due course :joy:

I like this idea although I don’t think we’re back in the office any time soon

I also looked into this but I’ll try the tabs out first as it is just less packaging all around.

Are you trying to go waste-free as well @jase?

Yup! My water bottle is absolutely essential and best of all, I didn’t have to pay anything for it

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I’m pretty much as waste free as can be as it is if you include what can be recycled but I’m far from perfect in terms of flights, and some food stuffs (avocados and oat milk).

My next goal is to get down to 1 jar of waste a year, like that woman in New York but that would require more expensive food shopping and more fresh cooking.

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Is this the woman you’re talking about? Very impressive!

I saw this the other day and thought it was quite a cute idea if you live around the Stoke Newington area - https://www.topuptruck.com/

That’s her! In New York, it’s really difficult to be waste free. Her biggest gripe were the stickers on fruit.

It’s good that she doesn’t choose to just leave them in the supermarket. Too many people make waste someone else’s problem.

I love Olio for giving away things, you wouldn’t believe what goes on there.

Omg this SO CUTE. Is this something you’d do @rebekah?

I downloaded this based on your recommendation so I’m going to start giving stuff away in the very near future. My lazy self can’t be bothered to sell anything on eBay but I don’t want to throw it away

Do you mean because Avocado and Oat Milk have to travel a long way before you consume them?

Their processing and production is quite water intensive and there can be transport issues yes.

I’m trying to focus on the amount of water required for things now, but as I say, I’m not perfect.

I use Olio a lot, if I can’t be bothered to sell, I give it away. It’s great that it’s not just food waste now :slight_smile:

To be honest, I need to be so so so much better at this - I’m still a weekly shop at Aldi kinda gal.

It takes a lot more organisation to do this properly, so I deffo need to get my bum in gear!

Bulk Market / Re:Store / Get Loose Foods in Hackney are all packaging free stores. Used to go there a lot to do my grocery shopping, highly recommend!

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I have a new challenge thanks for the advice from all of you.

Does anyone have any ideas about going waste-free on lip balm, moisturiser and hand cream?

These arrived yesterday - I’m liking them so far! Some reviews said that you’d need two tabs but one is fine. Cheers for the suggestion :+1:

I do find it frustrating sometimes. You need to be waste-free, eat locally, eat seasonally and be vegan. I’m not surprised why most people don’t even attempt to get started on reducing their personal impact

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It’s really difficult to be “good” these days. I love to fly but I do offset. But of course it’s better to not do it. Blah blah blah.

For lip balm and creams etc… I think the best you can do is look for glass jars or tubes made from biodegradable materials. My Nivea Men cream is super lightweight and comes in metal tubs.

Be prepared to accept it’s not possible to be 100% waste free, but if you do the next best thing, that’s good enough.


Who do you offset through? I have a Special Expedition susbcription through Climeworks but it doesn’t even nearly cover my flight emissions

I use CoGo and Yayzy as well as specifically offsetting British Airways flights although I need to look into what the latter actually does with the cash.

I have a massive trip coming up in February and I’m dreading the offset of this but I’m budgeting for it in the price.

I’m signing up for this on my lunch break! Brilliant and a much better solution than planting trees alone.

Do you recommend these? They look great but also generic-ish if all they’re using is Open Banking data