Bug Report: Multiple-currency accounts causes issues with summary of total spend

With Revolut connected to Emma I now have transactions in a handful of different currencies. This has lead to an issue with summaries I go to either a merchant or a tag to look at the total spend.

Example: If I were to go #supermarket I’ve transactions in both USD and NOK. If I’ve a transacation at Walmart for 15 USD and a transaction at Kiwi (Nowegian supermarket) for a 100 NOK the total on the top is -115 USD, which is obviously not correct.

The way I can see this getting fixes is either by listing both (multiple currencies), so that it would say 15 USD and 115 NOK or take the exchange rate of the date the NOK transaction was made and convert it to USD on the backend and add that together with the rest of the USD transactions.

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Great feedback I will definitely pass this on to the team!

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Hey @BendikHa, you should have the native currency + a conversion to your local currency (in this case $). All the stats are based on your local currency. :slight_smile:

You’re right. I can see the naitive currencty under ‘Accounts’ and the conversion to my local currency under ‘Feed’, but the issue still remains when looking at the total spend.

The total spend is the sum of the local currency.

Yes, but it gives you an incorrect value. Then take a look at the 3 pictures I’ve attached. Here you will see all my transactions tagged with #bus. Some of them are in NOK and some of them are in USD. If you take a look at the total it says I’ve spent “522.95” USD which is obviously not correct.

It seems to be that what the app is doing is despite listing my NOK transactions In NOK, when it summarizes all of the expenses it just adds them all together regardless of the currency and says it’s all in USD.

Clearly $500

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This bug has still not been fixed If you use the #tags it combines local and foreign amounts

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