Exporting receipts with data export

Hi everyone,

I’ve just added my first receipt to a transaction and then thought “that’s great, when I export my data, surely the receipt will be part of it”. Which it wasn’t. I’m quite surprised, I’m not quite sure what the adding a receipt to a transaction helps if it’s not exported?

Would this be something you could add soon?

At the moment, I have to store my receipts separately anyway.

Yes, as of today there is a filter that allows you to search by receipts in the Search functionality. The full export is something we have been having in mind for quite a while and can defo prioritize.

That would be amazing. I’m sure it’s not just me who would benefit from such an export immensely, as it does away with any double work. :blush:

Unless I am doing something wrong for me the resolution of the receipt photo gets compressed so much most of it is unclear to read once uploaded anyway to even read the digits on it, and so is redundant in use for me, would be great to see this get improved hopefully it will.

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Thanks for the feedback, we are going to check this with the team.

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We have drastically improved the resolution. It will come in the next release for both iOS and Android.