Data Export Enhancements

I expect (like myself) a lot of users want to export data and have some external analysis. There is no unique key per transaction and every export requires you to export all data. Having a transaction id would make vlookup so much easier.

Aside from this - your export should also have perameters - IE choose which bank you want to export and for what date rang. Credits or debits only etc etc

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@Antonio or @boldi24 can confirm but I think unique key per transaction is on its way! And I think imminent :grin:. The other features are definitely things we can look into!

We’ve added the ID field to the excel so if you export now then you should be able to see it. As for the parameters, that’s not something we’ve thought about yet but looks like a decent feature that we could build in a short time. Thanks for your feedback!


Yeah I agree with the export of the data if it was an option to do a full export or partial only the data since last export.

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This sounds good, we are definitely doing it with no biggie.