eToro Integration

I distinctly recall this list containing eToro.
eToro has dropped their withdrawal fee down to 5$, they are about to issue a debit card (rumoured to release as early as Q2 of this year) which will allow me to move substantially more funds in there. It is already very solid, have an api to read account contents and has a large userbase.
I understand that it might not be a priority but removing it altogether?
Is there a reason for this?


It’s been mentioned a couple of times in the thread but doesn’t appear to have ever been in the list in the opening post. You can view the version history of that post yourself.

I agree. I manually type in my Etoro balance every single day into Emma.

However, there is an API available here:

Hey @thedelph

We don’t have any plans for an eToro integration, but we’ll let you know if this changes.

Appreciate that it’s not ideal having to add this into Emma on a daily basis. Does your balance massively fluctuate day by day?

Yes I have a Cryptocurrency portfolio on there so my balance fluctuates by a lot every day.

Genuine question (I don’t have any crypto) but what’s the purpose of viewing this info every day if it fluctuates so much? Is it more of a nice to know, or would you buy/ sell based on daily figures?

It’s both a nice to know and I would buy/sell based on daily figures.

Upvote for etoro. Why is there no integration ??