Emma Featured on Tech Crunch

Hey Everyone,

As you know we are celebrating our launch in the US and Canada today! Our founders @edoardomoreni and @antonio have just been featured on Tech Crunch which is brilliant for Emma. :partying_face::rocket:

We want to thank everyone who has supported Emma in the early stages and of course, welcome our new users we appreciate you! Here’s to more people joining the Gummy Bear revolution :bear::champagne:

You can read the full article here:



Nice stats

the company says users open the app five times a week, twice a day, and are using it as a “true alternative” to their traditional banking app

I basically don’t log in to most of my accounts now, because I can see the info more quickly and more clearly in Emma.


this is the goal! :grin:

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Great isn’t it. Now going places!! Well done EMMA - its the best APP ever

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Thanks to everyone that showed Emma love yesterday during our US and Canada Launch!


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