Dozens Integration

How useful is the App store really as a gauge? Monzo has considerably less customers than most high street banks but for probably two years has been consistently higher than almost every high street bank. Barclays is perhaps the only exception.

As of Nov 2020, Dozens actually have 50,000 users


This is a fake metric.

What they are reporting is registered users, not active.

If they are lucky, they have less than 10k monthly active users.

Have accounts with Dozens, Wise and Revolut. Only use Revolut to make Card payments for Current accounts that require them for money back. Wise charge for transfers and Dozens seem okay but I don’t actually use the account. I can see why they may not be worth the effort.

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Dozens have 5% savings bonds, which is a good selling point, and are also Visa (while most fintechs are Mastercard).

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They publish the number of successful bids for their bond. The £1 million bumper issue had around 350 successful bids. Typically it’s 150 successful bids each month. So yeah, that suggests a very low user base at the moment!

To be fair to dozens though, I don’t think they’re pursuing any kind of really aggressive customer acquisition at the moment - the focus is on building their products and tech. So, yeah, not really one for Emma :joy:

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