Do You Talk To Your Family About Money?

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We have a new post on the Emma blog which looks at the importance of talking about money.

There’s lots of research out there which shows that millions of people don’t discuss money with their friends and family, with many even keeping quite serious financial secrets from their loved ones.

I’d say I’m pretty open about money with my fam, and probably check in with my bf once a month to discuss how we’re both getting on with our money (saving for a house :crossed_fingers:)

How do you manage the money talk? Do you make sure you catch up with your family/ partners about money regularly? Or do you prefer to keep that kinda thing to yourself?

I talk to my friends about my salary etc… although they all earn a lot more than me. I feel that gives some objective thinking on their side when advising me.

My family and I don’t really talk about money so much.

My better half hates talking about money and finds it quite embarrassing. Our lives our very different financially and I know there can be stigmas around this when people are in a relationship.

Yeah and I think having an open conversation about this with your pals can really help when you’re organising nights/ meals out, holidays, etc. Helps to set expectations and makes sure everyone is happy with the plans.

Although I did read an article a while back which said X% of people had stopped being friends with someone because they wanted to spend their time in more expensive restaurants/ on more expensive holidays :scream:

Will see if I can find the article again!

I think I understand why people do that. But for me, I prefer to spend my money on nice restaurants with friends who perhaps can more easily afford it, than buying major purchases.

I’m all about experience or convenience over tangible things.

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I’m definitely the same when it comes to experiences over things, but I’m such a sucker when it comes to cheap eats. I think I’d always choose 4 meals at £15, over one meal at £60!

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I really don’t enjoy cooking and so we have takeaway a lot, sometimes 4-5 nights a week. But we are trying to be better.

The way I see it is that I work a long day and don’t want to then do something I don’t enjoy in my free time.

When the better half has their next day off work, we are going to try a bulk cooking day though, to try and freeze some meals for easier eats of an evening.

Bulk cooking is the way to go. I don’t know if ya’all on the other side of the Big Pond use crock pots, but now that the cooler weather is here, they’re definitely the way to go. Makes about 10 meals, we’ll eat it for dinner, a lunch or two, and freeze the rest for a few weeks later so we don’t get bored of the same food.

I’m not so much into baking or cooking on the stove, but fortunately my wife is, so she helps fill in the other meals.

Find some great recipes and then you just repeat these same meals once a week. You’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save cutting out food you don’t prepare.

We literally have cut our “outside” food down to twice a month, once per pay period. We didn’t get there overnight, but over time, finding and perfecting more and more recipes, we got there.

Ooo is a crock pot the same thing as a slow cooker?

I have a slow cooker, but must admit I have only used it a few times to make bolognese/ stew.

Definitely need to explore a few more recipes! Do you have any favourites?