Top 20 UK Money Instagrammers

Afternoon all!

It’s officially #TalkMoneyWeek :mega:

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign that aims to get people talking about their finances.

Lots of people really don’t like talking about money, so this week is great for encouraging people to open up and start discussing their finances :moneybag:

To help celebrate the campaign, we’ve rounded up our favourite personal finance Instagram accounts. These guys love talking about money and between them they cover all aspects of personal finance from budgeting, investing, pensions, saving and making money.

Check them out by clicking on this link -

And if you know of any others we’ve missed then give us a shout!

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Not sure about #8 :rofl:

I left Instagram a few months ago, so cannot assist with any other pages dedicated to finance.

Though I remember Martin Lewis starting one, I cannot recall whether it is just personal, as opposed to personal finance.

MSE’s, of course, is a business account, so would not qualify for your list.


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Similar feature here, if you fancy a browse.

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Yeah he is brilliant on social media - especially Twitter!

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Yeah, I followed him on that, until I closed my Twitter account too :rofl: