Deeper Personalisation

is it possible to implement different views for different accounts? I.e. I want separate budget views for my sole account vs my joint accounts. at the moment, even if I hide my sole account, the budget targets still include those from my sole. I would also like to set separate budget targets for categories e.g. £100 travel target for joint and a £200 travel target for my sole account. thanks

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Hey @Kieran!

In your mind, how would this be structured under the Analytics tab? What would go where?

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Hi Joel. There’s an app called Moneyhub which seems to pull this off fairly well. The view itself wouldn’t change, but you would have a filter option to specify which account transactions are populating on the screen. So if you wanted to exclude your joint accounts and just see your sole account, it would provide the budgets and transactions for that only. In terms of budgets, I think this could (hopefully) be as simple as having the ability to set multiple budgets per theme I.e each account could specify a budget for eating out as an example. That way, when I filter the analytics screen to my sole account, I only see my budget and my spend for that account or accounts. Thanks

Hmmm…interesting. I’ve taken a look at MoneyHub and I can see what you mean.

If we were to implement this in Emma, we’d have to simplify the flow. If you’re not a strict budgeter and only have one or two accounts, the MoneyHub flow could be cumbersome to navigate for easy reference.

Thanks for raising @Kieran. Food for thought for sure :fries::cut_of_meat::poultry_leg:

It would be cool to see some screenshots! Can you share by hiding the personal information? :slight_smile: