Crowdcube integration

Given that the most ardent Emma users may have invested in Emma via Crowdcube it would be fitting for you get a link working.


Just thinking, how have you recorded your Emma investment in Emma?

Did it put you over budget?:blush:

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Thanks for the suggestion.

We have already asked for this!

@edoardomoreni can you comment on the latest info regarding a Crowdcube integration?

I have noticed a fully functional synchronisation of my Crowdcube account with your European competitor. I assume you are aware of this :smiley:.


It’s probably a web scraper, we don’t write these ones at Emma (they tend to break, hard to maintain and very slow).

I don’t really think Crowdcube has any interest to be honest (asked like 4 times).

However, we are going to add ways to add investments to Net worth, so better to do it manually but accurately.

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Thanks for the response. I did notice the amount of some of my private investments is incorrect on the competition platform. I think becase the latest share price is not displayed on my crowdcube account then the latest valuation is not accurately shown.

Instead of going through crowdcube is there a way you can use crunchbase - pitchbook - capdesk? Or would this have to be a scraper as well. Thanks.

Very tough, possible, but easier to manually track it manually.

We are going to add advanced net worth features to do this very soon. :slight_smile:

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